What happens when typographical work leaves the pages of a book and sets itself in space
The exhibition “Letter Connection” by Tina Jeler, curated by Stefania Lelio.
I had my own exhibition in Spazio Galileo, which was about:
“Starting from her font “Debeli ligenj” (fat squid) Tina creates “texts” which have no other function than to be observed. In her work, the conventional connection letter-text-page becomes fonts-strings-patterns, thus highlighting the aesthetics of the character itself.
The linguistic sign, a letter, by definition based on a convention (therefore not motivated) and used intentionally, is used as a symbol – culturally motivated – for creating and developing those things that, in linguistics, are called icons: images, analogically explained in an intentional way.
A written page gets lost and finds its home in an artistic space: “Letter Connection” is a volume in which matter is kept – a book whose pages could be read and detached.”

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